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Cairns, your Tropical North Queensland gateway.

The balmy, tropical city of Cairns can be found right up in the far north of Queensland. The tropical influence makes Cairns a favourite amongst international visitors, and a great place to sip cocktails and soak in the sun. It is the gateway city to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, and it has a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere, thanks to the international tourists who love to visit the city.

Central Cairns sits at the mouth of Trinity Inlet, providing It has plenty ofl places to eat and shop. The Pier is an upmarket area of restaurants, boutiques and bars on the waterfront, and City Place is the heart of the city, where the junction of Lake Street and Shields Street form a bustling pedestrian mall. A promenade along the waterfront is a nice place to walk, and to swim - there is a man-made lagoon for free swimming away from the stingrays and jellyfish which one might encounter in the ocean!

Cairns’ suburbs are dotted with parks, including the Botanic Gardens in Cairns North.  Holloways Beach and Machans Beach are satellite towns of Cairns which have much nicer beaches than can be found in the city. Cairns is flanked by the Barron Gorge National Park, and the fabulous Daintree Rainforest is not far to the north. The Great Barrier Reef lies offshore, a paradise of underwater beauty.

North of Cairns lies the wild and wonderful Cape York, and the quirky Darwin. It is a great starting point for a norther Australia road trip, especially to escape the winter cold- it is hot all year round in northern Queensland! There is an international airport which makes it easy to get to Cairns, and a campervan rental will make it easy to get out!

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